"The Killer" is the anonymous figure who causes torture for the girls after Olivia's death. It is unknown, but assumed that they are connected to her murder. The Killer wants to cause the girls harm.


The Killer's identity is a secret. Nothing is known about them, except that they most likely hate the girls and Olivia. Although it is implied that they still go to high school (as it's unknown how else they would know the girls and Olivia so personally), they have a lot of money and free time.

Clues to their IdentityEdit

  • It is made obvious in "It Doesn't Just Happen in Rosewood Anymore" that The Killer has a bone to pick with Olivia and the girls; it is most likely a mutual enemy, someone they are all not fond of. However, The Killer doesn't necessarily have to follow this description.

Suspects of being The KillerEdit

  • Alex Andersen: Dallas, Jamie, and Selena believe he may be responsible soon after he arrives in Oakley.
  • Kasey Jordans: The girls are all very suspicious of Kasey's true motives.

"Shim's" VictimsEdit