Cameron Leighton
General Information
Full Name Cameron Drew Leighton
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday January 27th, 1998
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Marital Status Single
Aliases Cam
Family Fiona Leighton (mother)
Analeigh Leighton (sister)
Jenelle Leighton (sister)
Unnamed Father
Romances Unknown
Friends Alex Andersen (formerly)
Rivals Unknown
Other Information
Education Oakley Preparatory
Interests Sports
Talents Sports
Weaknesses Relationship with father
Series Information
Secret(s) Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance What Goes Around...
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Cameron Drew Leighton is the oldest child of the Leighton Family. He is very overprotective and caring for his younger sisters Jenelle and Analeigh.

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Cameron Drew Leighton was born on January 27th, 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts. His family includes his estranged father, his mother, Fiona Leighton, and his two aforementioned younger sisters, Analeigh and Jenelle. Less than a year later, just prior to the birth of his younger sister, Analeigh, his family moved to Oakley. He is the only child in his family to have been born outside of Oakley. Since Pre-K, Cameron has attended Oakley Preparatory school.