Gianna Smith
General Information
Full Name Gianna Lauren Smith
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday December 12th, 1996
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Marital Status Unknown
Aliases G, GG
Family Olivia Smith (sister)
Romances Unknown
Friends Unknown
Rivals Olivia Smith (on occasion)
Other Information
Education Oakley Preparatory
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Weaknesses Sister's disappearance/death
Series Information
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Status Unknown/implied to be missing
First Appearance Disappearing Act
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Gianna Lauren Smith is Olivia Smith's older sister.

She is portrayed by .


Gianna Lauren Smith was born December 12th, 1996 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her family consists of herself, her sister, Olivia Smith, and her parents. She graduated a year prior to her sister's disappearance, making her a graduate of the class of 2014 at Oakley Preparatory.