Jamie McIntyre
General Information
Full Name Jamie Michelle McIntyre
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday May 13th, 1999
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Marital Status Single
Aliases James, Jame, JJ, J
Family Anna McIntyre (mother)

Brian McIntyre (father)
Jason McIntyre (brother)

Romances None
Friends Olivia Smith (deceased)
Analeigh Leighton
Dallas Torres
Holly Curtis
Selena Rose
LeAnn Dakota
Rivals None
Other Information
Education Oakley Preparatory
Interests Baking
Talents Baking
Weaknesses Biological family
Series Information
Secret(s) Found Olivia's body
Is being stalked
Status Alive
First Appearance It Doesn't Just Happen in Rosewood Anymore
Portrayed by

Jamie Michelle McIntyre is the "Goth" girl of Olivia's friends. She was adopted as a child, and the only biological family member she knows is her brother, Jason McIntyre.


Jamie Michelle McIntyre was born on May 13th, 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. When she was two days old, she was adopted by Anna and Brian McIntyre, along with her brother. Since the McIntyres lived in Oakley, Jamie and Jason were soon moved there.


  • She was the third named character (after Analeigh and Olivia).