Jenelle Leighton
General Information
Full Name Jenelle Avery Leighton
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday March 18th, 2000
Hair Color Blond
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Marital Status Single
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Family Fiona Leighton (mother)
Analeigh Leighton (sister)
Cameron Leighton (brother)
Unnamed Father
Romances Unknown
Friends Analeigh Leighton
Rivals Unknown
Other Information
Education Oakley Preparatory
Interests Unknown
Talents Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown
Series Information
Secret(s) N/A
Status Alive
First Appearance It Doesn't Just Happen in Rosewood Anymore
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Jenelle Avery Leighton is the youngest child of the Leighton Family.

She is portrayed by .


Jenelle Avery Leighton was born on March 18th, 2000 in Oakley, Massachusetts. Her family consists of herself, her older siblings, Cameron and Analeigh, her estranged father, and her mother, Fiona Leighton. She has nearly no recollection of her absent father, as she was four when he left their family. She hardly dwells on this, as she's arguably the most optimistic out of her family, possibly because she lacks the same feelings of abandonment as they do.


  • Jenelle's middle name (Avery) pays homage to actress Troian Avery Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings on the TV Show Pretty Little Liars.