Kasey Jordans
General Information
Full Name Kassandra Amy Jordans
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday October 31st, 1999
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Marital Status Single
Aliases Kasey
Family Unknown
Romances Unknown
Friends LeAnn Dakota (assumed)
Liana Greene (assumed)
Rivals Olivia Smith
Selena Rose
Other Information
Education Oakley Prepatory
Interests Unknown
Talents Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown
Series Information
Secret(s) Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance Saying Goodbye
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Kassandra Amy "Kasey" Jordans was one of Olivia's archenemies. She still dislikes the girls and lacks any sympathy for them.

She is portrayed by .


Kassandra Amy Jordans (who later was nicknamed "Kasey") was born May 23rd, 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her exact history with Olivia Smith is unknown, but it doesn't seem as though they ever liked each other. It is revealed in "Saying Goodbye" that Kasey's mother and Alex's father have begun to date.