Northberry, also known as Northberry Hill, is a neighborhood of Oakley. It is an upper-class neighborhood, and also the home to Oakley's only Independent school (non-religious, non-public), Oakley Preparatory, which is usually referred to as Oakley Prep. Several members of this neighborhood come from old money.

Northberry is the least populated of Oakley's neighborhoods, but by far the wealthiest.

Notable places in NorthberryEdit


  • It parallels Todt Hill in Staten Island, NY, which is one of the most affluent places on the island. It is also the highest point on the entire East Coast of the US (the fictitious Northberry Hill is second). Lastly, it also houses Staten Island's only independent school, Staten Island Academy (Oakley Preparatory closely resembles SIA and is located on Northberry Hill).