Oakley is a fictitious suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. It is a small town, often overlooked by tourists. Though the area which most characters live in the southern suburban side which houses middle to upper-class residents, there is also a more urban, northern section of Oakley. It is often referred to as "Little Boston" due to its resemblance to the city. This area houses middle to lower-class residents of the city.


In the center of Oakley is the neighborhood of Northberry, located on a hill. Northberry is the second highest point on the entire East Coast, second only to Todt Hill on Staten Island, where the Rose Family formerly resided. Northberry is elevated about 350 feet above sea level.

Oakley as a whole is a rather small suburb; the area is only about 50 square miles. It is made up of five different neighborhoods: Northberry, Oakwood, and Applewood in the South; Turtle Bay and Sherwood are on the North side of Oakley.

Government and PoliticsEdit

A majority of Oakley residents are Republicans, with about 60% being so. The remaining are Democrats or a smaller party.

Oakley's mayor is Republican James McIntosh.


The population of Oakley was 7,325 people according to the 2010 US Census.

According to the 2010 Census, 57.3% of Oakley's population was non-Hispanic White; 13.2% was Black or African-American; 14.1% was Latino or Hispanic of any race; 7.5% Asian; 2.5% Pacific Islander; 2.3% American Indian or Alaska Native; 0.2% of any other race; 2.9% of multiple races.

The top European races are as follows (out of total population): 34.7% Italian; 7.3% Irish; 5.2% English; 4.3% Russian or Ukranian; 2.5% French; 2.5% German; 0.8% Polish.