Season One of Life After Liv premiered on the internet January 3rd, 2014. The first episode was "It Doesn't Just Happen in Rosewood Anymore". The first half of Season One ran from January 3rd to March 21st. The second half of the season will premiere on June 6th, 2014, and will run until August 8th for a grand total of 22 episodes.


Analeigh LeightonEdit

One month after Olivia's disappearance, Analeigh has become close with Olivia's former frenemy, Liana Greene. Now, Liana and Analeigh are the school's two most popular girls. Analeigh, who has seemingly forgotten all about Olivia, discovers that the past indeed comes back to haunt you. "Shim" , her new tormentor reminds her daily of her past troubles. Her world is turned upside down when her ex-flame, Alex Andersen, comes back to Oakley, and her friends are accusing him of Olivia's murder as she tries to rekindle their relationship.

Dallas TorresEdit

One month after Olivia's disappearance, Dallas has resumed her normal life, still holding onto past memories of her missing friend. But as "Shim" reminds her of her deceased friends, the pressure builds and takes a toll on her health. Now more than ever, Dallas is determined to put her friend's disappearance and death to rest, but will this cause an even more servere impact on her health?

Holly CurtisEdit

One month after Olivia's disappearance, Holly remains the archetypal preppy girl. Prior to her friendship with Olivia, she was teased by a lot of girls. Now that Olivia isn't there to stand up for Holly, she has faded back into the background. Things only worsten when her cousin, Alex, comes back to town, and the girls all accuse him of being Olivia's killer.

Jamie McIntyreEdit

One month after Olivia's disappearance, Jamie has decided to take her friendship with one of Olivia's enemies out in the open. LeAnn Dakota, who had much more than an axe to pick with Olivia, is hardly sympathetic or helpful when Jamie makes it clear that she and her friends are looking for justice for Olivia. The prospect of Jamie and her brother Jason's adoption is also questioned due to some suspicious papers. "Shim" threatens that Jamie's family may never be the same. But Jamie is willing to do anything to keep them together.

Selena RoseEdit

One month after Olivia's disappearance, Selena has done nothing but remember her missing friend. Her friends and family encourage her to move on, but Selena knows that there's only one way to make peace with the situation; to find who killed Olivia and to get justice. With "Shim" on her shoulder, infuriating her with every message, she is desperately looking for her friend everywhere. But will her accusations land her in hot water and knock her back to the start?

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