Selena Rose
General Information
Full Name Selena Alexandra Rose
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday September 27th, 1999
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Marital Status Single
Aliases Sel
Family Isabella Rose (mother)
Jack Rose (father)
Destiny Rose (twin sister)
Hanna Rose (sister)
Romances David Marshall (boyfriend)
Friends Olivia Smith (deceased)

Analeigh Leighton
Dallas Torres
Holly Curtis
Jamie McIntyre

Rivals Kasey Jordans
Hanna Rose
Other Information
Education Oakley Preparatory
Interests Writing
Talents Writing
Weaknesses Family
Olivia's death
Series Information
Secret(s) Found Olivia's dead body
Is being stalked
Status Alive
First Appearance It Doesn't Just Happen in Rosewood Anymore
Portrayed by portrayer

Selena Alexandra Rose was a friend of Olivia Smith before her death. She is also close friends with Analeigh Leighton, Dallas Torres, Holly Curtis, and Jamie McIntyre.


Selena Alexandra Rose was born on September 27th, 1999 in Staten Island, New York. Her family consists of herself, her fraternal twin sister, Destiny Rose, her older sister, Hanna Rose, and her parents, Isabella and Jack Rose. In 2004, her parents moved them to Oakley to provide a quieter life for their daughters. Selena began attending Oakley Preparatory in Kindergarten, meeting Olivia Smith soon after.

Season OneEdit


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Selena has two sisters- Hanna Rose and Destiny Rose. Her family also consists of her father, Jack Rose, and her mother, Isabella Rose.

Selena and Destiny's relationship with their sister Hanna is less than sisterly. Mentioned by Selena in "It Doesn't Just Happen in Rosewood Anymore," Hanna has a very strong need to show off to her family. She was a very good student in school, and often to the dismay of her younger sisters, the smartest in the family. After she graduated from Oakley Prep, she went to live in New York City and is estranged from her sisters.

Selena and Destiny's relationship is close. Selena is older by seven minutes, and they act more like regular sisters than twins. While Selena is more girly and arts-oriented, Destiny is more into sports. They often get into petty disagreements, but usually resolve them in a small amount of time. 

Isabella Rose is very overprotective of her daughter, which sometimes leads to conflict. Selena believes that her mother doesn't trust her enough, while her mother  doesn't want her to be influenced by drugs, sex, or alcohol.

Jack Rose is the overprotective patriarch of the Rose family. While he ultimately wants what is best for his daughters, he isn't around them that much.


  • Selena was named after the deceased Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla Perez.
  • She is half Mexican on her mother's side.
  • She was born in New York City (Staten Island to be specific), and has since moved to Oakley.
  • She was arguably the closest to Olivia before her death.


Jamie: Wow, Selena. I almost forgot how short you are.

Selena: Oh, hush. You're no Jack the Giant, either.