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  • I was born on October 25
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  • I am a Girl. Hear me RAWR!
  • Rettabear1025

    My Bad

    February 9, 2013 by Rettabear1025

      So I didn't do a blog yesterday because I had so much homework and I couldn't get online.  I'm here now so...HI!! Anyway do you guys remember when I told you that I was crushing on someone, well I felt like I had to tell someone about it or I would explode so I told like my best friend, Kiya yesterday. She was so shocked when I told her. I mean I would be too, were always fighting with each other. But today, he was sort of nice to me and I was flirting. Kiya noticed, I hope he didn't. Anyway today was so crazy. Ok first the blizzard, then in school a whole bunch of stuff went  down. So when were in Social Studies we were working on our posters, this girl (I'm not going to say names) was singing and my friend Kaylah was like, "Who is sing…

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  • Rettabear1025

    My real first blog

    February 6, 2013 by Rettabear1025

    Alright today is really my first blog. So I guess now I'll talk about my day. Well, I went to school, like always. It actually was a pretty funny day. But first I got to tell you guys something....I'M CRUSHING ON SOMEONE!!! I know that it's kind of werid to like him though cause we always argue, but I really like him. At first we would always argue, but now not some much. He is actually starting to be nicer and sweeter to me. Anyway I'll talk more about him another time. Back to my day at school.It was mostly at my last period class. So my last period class was gym, we were using jump ropes. My friend Steve was making so many stupid faces while doing jump rope. Everybody was hysterically laughing the entire time. When I went outside to wai…

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