So I didn't do a blog yesterday because I had so much homework and I couldn't get online.  I'm here now so...HI!! Anyway do you guys remember when I told you that I was crushing on someone, well I felt like I had to tell someone about it or I would explode so I told like my best friend, Kiya yesterday. She was so shocked when I told her. I mean I would be too, were always fighting with each other. But today, he was sort of nice to me and I was flirting. Kiya noticed, I hope he didn't. Anyway today was so crazy. Ok first the blizzard, then in school a whole bunch of stuff went  down. So when were in Social Studies we were working on our posters, this girl (I'm not going to say names) was singing and my friend Kaylah was like, "Who is singing?" Then the girl turned around and was like, "I am you got a problem with that?" My friend Kaylah was about to go off on her. The same thing happen in Engilsh, they argued. Then when went to our Wellness class she was crying. Finally when we went to lunch we were all sitting at a table, except the other girl because she has to sit at a different table because she got into a fight with another girl. So we were eating lunch then all of a sudden we notice that the girl keeps staring at us. So my friend Kaylah stared back at her, then the girl said, "Oh is there a problem?" Kaylah was about to go over their and smack the sh** out of her. After that she started to cry again for no reason, then all the teachers came over to our table and asked what was going on. We told them the truth and that we didn't know why she was crying. I dont know what happen after luch because I went home. But, if anything else interesting like this happens again I'll keep you updated. Til tomorrow.