Alright today is really my first blog. So I guess now I'll talk about my day. Well, I went to school, like always. It actually was a pretty funny day. But first I got to tell you guys something....I'M CRUSHING ON SOMEONE!!! I know that it's kind of werid to like him though cause we always argue, but I really like him. At first we would always argue, but now not some much. He is actually starting to be nicer and sweeter to me. Anyway I'll talk more about him another time. Back to my day at school.It was mostly at my last period class. So my last period class was gym, we were using jump ropes. My friend Steve was making so many stupid faces while doing jump rope. Everybody was hysterically laughing the entire time. When I went outside to wait for my mom my friend Judy was waiting with me and the weridest thing happened. There was this guy who was screaming, "JUDY! JUDY!" We both thought that he was calling her. Then he pulled over and got out of his car and started to walk toward the school. So me and her we trying to run back into the school, then we realized that he wasn't calling her. We both go so scared. Finally when my mom picked me up, I had to go to the dentist with her and my brother cause he had to get his cavity filled. So that took like 30 minutes bause they were talking about how, "oh we should wait to do the other one." I'm like do both now and get it over with, but no they said that he has to back in a month. Then we finally got to leave. Well thats it for now, I hope that their are some people out there reading this so I'm not writing to no one. Until tomorrow....

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